Debra Winston


JBM Realty, LLC

1085 W. Morse Blvd. Ste. 220 Winter Park, FL 32789

Debra Winston is a Broker Associate at JBM Realty, LLC.  Since joining the brokerage in 2015, Debra has prided herself in her heartfelt drive to serve her clients' best  interests.  Her firm commitment to quality over quantity, coupled with her strong focus on customer satisfaction, allows her to offer top notch service from start to finish.  

Debra has strong negotiation skills, successfully negotiating over a hundred short sales over the past several years. Taking an empathetic approach with these transactions has allowed her to take a keen interest in her clients' journey and gain a full understanding of their diverse needs, thereby winning the ultimate prize - their trust.  Those same skills are applied towards aiding and assisting new agents and helping them carve out their respective niches, while fostering the growth of the brokerage through technology and the strengthening of our core mission.